Best websites/blogs to learn CSS

Best websites/blogs to learn CSS

How to learn CSS?

  • For learning CSS first learn the basics from any of the given resources and don't just watch videos or read the blogs, implement simultaneously while learning. This will make the concepts more clear and will develop confidence also inside you.

  • After learning the basics like flexbox , grid , positioning , box-sizing etc. Now you're good to go.
    Start making some projects and try to write CSS by yourself and the thing that you're not able to implement, google it and don't just copy and paste the codes, try to learn from it and then use it.

Resources to learn -

  1. Modern CSS Solutions -

  2. WEB DEV -

  3. Youtube Channel - WebDevSimplfied(English), CodeWithHarry(Hindi), Kevin Powell(English), and anywhere else from where you are getting some conceptual learning