Creating beautiful UIs with CSS and writing articles

Creating beautiful UIs with CSS and writing articles

Let's begin the UI development

Hello Reader!

  • I like to create beautiful user interfaces by implementing the ideas that I think. It's not always like I implement precisely what I'm thinking but it gives a beautiful user interface in the end.

  • Initially when I started doing frontend development then it was hard for me to implement CSS logic because I used to learn from the tutorials and tutors don't explain CSS in the projects.

  • But after I made certain projects and learned the basics of CSS like layouts,box-model, and positioning then everything in CSS started making sense, and mdn docs is the best source of learning development.

Now, development has become my passion and I like to develop something and that's why I work on some projects on daily basis.

In the previous month [ May 2022 ] I decided to create some UI regularly just to improve my CSS skills and also it will be like a mood refreshment for me.

I created a Github repository - and created a React project for implementing my thinking with my code [ Live Here ].

What now?

I was thinking to write blogs but I was not getting the topic Ideas.
Also, since I like to create interfaces using CSS stylings.

I thought to merge both things and create UI and write a blog on it at a regular interval.

Thanks for reading! See you soon in my upcoming blog...